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The acceptance and interest in colonic irrigation is on the increase globally. AIH courses have been developed to meet the growing need for professionally qualified Colon Therapists to work within a field, which is gaining greater credibility as a successful therapy.
It is important to note that the course we offer is the only course available globally, which is based on the Brunelle Method of Colonic Irrigation. This method is the preferred method because of its safety, its ability to utilise a pulsating action and to work with colon reflexology, thus making it a therapy, which works with the whole body.

Colon Therapy As A Career

Colon Therapy as a career is a rewarding choice, and we are honoured, to offer you the best training possible. The Institute caters for people with no previous health training as well as existing practitioners leading to the highest standards in our industry and is structured accordingly as outlined in our prospectus.

Colonic Irrigation is becoming increasingly recognised as a powerful therapy, not only amongst Natural Therapists, but its benefits are now becoming apparent within orthodox medicine.

Many natural health clinics now want colon hydrotherapy to become a part of their services. Apart from the monetary value of having a business of your own, or adding to your present therapy, monetary returns for Colonic Irrigation Therapists are naturally related to the amount of colonic consultations performed. Five Colon Irrigation sessions can be performed comfortably per day. Colon Therapists are currently charging approximately $90 - $110.00 per colonic. Other than initial costs of equipment and training, overheads can be relatively low.

Please contact us if you require further information. If after reading our prospectus you are satisfied with what we have to offer, please forward your application to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Links to some of our Graduates

Name: Rosanda Fajt
Vitalis Colon Care Clinic
Green Island, Dunedin
New Zealand

034880534, 0211410482

Name: Michelle Garufi
Health Centre
Palm Beach, Qld4221
0419 029 786


Name: Kym Atkinson
Fountain of Inner Health, Bundall,
Gold Coast



Name: Sally Hawkins
Clear Colonics,
Reedy Creek,
Gold Coast


Name: Terry Merrick
Lockyer Valley Colonics
16 Brown Court
Laidley Heights 4341
Queensland, Australia
(07) 54653689


Name: Susanna Woodhouse
Clinic: Sunflower Therapies

32 Boundary Road
New Zealand
Phone: 07 8556760
Mobile: 0274960124

Name: Rosemary Greer
Oasis Colon Hydrotherapy,
Nerang, Gold Coast


Name: Alicia Ross
Clinic:Hydro Cleanse
29 Heatherbrae Parade
NSW 2800
Phone:02 63611275
Email: alicia@hydrocleanse.org


Name: Katrina Drew
Clinic: Brisbane Integrative Health
50 Allira Crescent
QLD 4034
Phone: 0738628574

Name:Alta Ferreira
Clinic:Colonic Wellness

New Zealand


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